Getting Started

Getting Started

The safety of our members is paramount. We advise that you check with your medical adviser before starting any exercise program.

Our Health programs are Easy, Effective and Enjoyable, and thousands of members of all ages throughout the Newcastle Hunter Region are testament to the health benefits of our Tai Chi Health programs.

Beginners at the Australian Tai Chi Institute are taught Qigong. Qigong involves a variety of gentle movements, postural alignment, breathing and meditative exercises.

Sun Health Form, is a short form which is particularly beneficial for people with arthritis. It combines small agile steps with higher stances to improve, balance, flexibility, muscle strength and heart/lung function, it aligns posture, helps relaxation and integrates the mind and body.

Whilst traditional Yang Form is the most common form taught throughout the world today, the Australian Tai Chi Institute specialises in TAI CHI FOR HEALTH programs. After completing the Sun Health Form, members may then choose to learn the traditional forms of Tai Chi including the16 Yang Form and 24 Yang Form ( Beijing 24 Form) and then continue their journey into 73 Sun Form, 42 Competition Form, 36 Chen Form, and Weaponry (including, fan, sword, pole) and Wushu sets.

If you would like to improve your health and fitness, balance, posture, relaxation, alleviate stress, increase flexibility and muscle strength or improve chronic conditions such as Arthritis, Diabetes and Back Pain, with regular practice of Tai Chi, you will enjoy improvement in most, if not all, of these areas.

No special clothing is required, wear flat shoes and loose comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movements.

Classes are 55 minutes in duration and we ask that you arrive 5 minutes prior to class commencement which will assist with administration and avoid any disruption to the class.

We encourage you to work within your comfort zone and rest when required. Day and evening classes are held at our air conditioned “Tai Chi Institute” Corner Belford Street and Torpey Place Broadmeadow, with regular classes throughout the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Region.

Corporate and Community group classes, seminars and demonstrations are also available on application.

The Australian Tai Chi Institute conducts regular workshops in both Health Forms and Traditional Forms with Master Trainer Cheryl Lee as well as guest Masters including Master Fong Lee.

If you would like some more information, please visit us at our Facebook